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Marinr Coronary Sinus Series

Diagnostic Catheters

Marinr Coronary Sinus Series Diagnostic Catheters

The Marinr® CS series steerable decapolar coronary sinus catheters have a tip deflection handle controller and a 90° curve reach.


  • Steerability of distal tip helps facilitate CS placement
  • For physicians that use a femoral approach to the CS
  • A wide choice of electrode spacings

Important Safety Information

Diagnostic catheters should be used by a trained physician in a fully equipped electrophysiology laboratory as risks such as vasculature perforation may occur.

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  • 7F steerable curve, braided stainless steel shaft
  • Decapolar (10) electrodes
  • 2/2/2, 2/5/2, and 2/8/2 electrode spacing
  • 65 cm and 90 cm lengths