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Mullins and Brockenbrough

Introducer Sheaths and Needles

Mullins Introducer Sheaths/Brockenbrough Needles

Transseptal Mullins introducer sheaths and Brockenbrough® curved needles allow left atrial access from the venous system for catheter ablation of left-sided arrhythmogenic substrates.


Mullins Introducer Sheath

Mullins Introducer Sheaths and Brockenbrough Needles

Many physicians prefer the transseptal approach; others use it when a transaortic (retrograde) approach is contraindicated.

The stainless steel Brockenbrough needle is used to make the transseptal puncture, while the Mullins introducer sheath and dilator set serve as a conduit for the needle and the electrophysiology catheters. The Mullins sheath is supplied sterile and the Brockenbrough needle is supplied sterile and non-sterile.