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Pediatric Oxygenators

Name Quick Facts
APO_Product_Thumb Affinity Pixie

Oxygenation System

The Affinity Pixie® Oxygenation System delivers performance and versatility for neonates, infants and small children requiring cardiopulmonary bypass at flow rates up to 2.0 L/min

minimaxplusoxy_sm Minimax Plus

Oxygenation System

Provides the quality and performance needed to treat a wider range of patients, from neonates to children requiring flow rates up to a full 2.3 LPM

Pediatric Venous Reservoirs

Pediatric Centrifugal Blood Pumps and Flow Probes

Pediatric Arterial Filters

Pediatric Cannulae


HMS Plus Hemostasis Management System

ACT Plus Automated Coagulation Timer