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Bioresorbable Nasal Packing Products

MeroPack Nasal Packing

MeroPack nasal packing provides hemostasis and wound-healing for your sinus surgery or nasal trauma patients.

Hemostasis and Wound-Healing in One

MeroGel Nasal Packing Results in Fewer Adhesions

MeroPack® Bioresorbable Nasal Packing and Sinus Stent is the first combination dressing designed for postoperative hemostasis and wound-healing. It's composed of 80% esterified hyaluronic acid and 20% collagen, which helps control minimal bleeding after surgery or nasal trauma.

MeroPack nasal packing is a biocompatible, muco-adhesive gel that absorbs approximately 14 times its weight in fluid and provides excellent stenting capabilities. It's slowly resorbed within 2 weeks, eliminating the need for painful nasal packing removal.

Hyaluronic Acid: Fewer Adhesions, Reduced Healing Time

Our bioresorbable nasal packing products use hyaluronic acid, a linear polysaccharide and naturally occurring constituent of the extracellular matrix.

Hyaluronic acid helps keep the surgical site moist, reduce adhesions, and decrease healing time.1 Esterified hyaluronic acid, or HYAFF®, is a patented formula that is used in our MeroGel® and MeroPack nasal packing products.

The Right Nasal Packing for Your Patient

We offer several bioresorbable nasal packing products to suit the needs of your patients, including MeroGel packing and MeroGel Injectable packing. You can also view traditional nasal packing in our ENT Product Catalog.

HYAFF® is a registered trademark of Fidia Advanced Biopolymers.



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