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StealthStation S7 Surgical Navigation System

Medtronic's StealthStation S7 Surgical Navigation System

The StealthStation® S7® Medtronic’s seventh generation surgical navigation system, offers many benefits to the surgeon and OR staff:

  • Intraoperative Imaging Integration – The StealthStation S7 interfaces with multiple intraoperative imaging systems, including iMRI, iCT, C-arms, and the O-arm® System – Medtronic’s 3D imaging and 2D fluoroscopy system
  • Tracking Technologies – Surgeons can choose between Medtronic’s advanced optical surgical navigation camera, or the electromagnetic system
  • High Resolution, Wide-Screen Monitor – The system comes standard with a 24 inch (61 cm) high-resolution widescreen monitor, providing surgeons a view of navigation images
  • Easy Access to Pre-Op Exams – Many options to access pre-op exams via CD, USB and DICOM Query/ Retrieve.
    • 2-cart design for flexible positioning of surgeon and staff monitors
    • 50% smaller footprint than the previous StealthStation
    • High fidelity, MP3-ready sound system
    • Works in docked or undocked positions
    • Electromagnetic tracking system can be used from its discreet location on a StealthStation S7  System or attached to the OR bedrail
    • Longer camera handle and laser button make it easier to aim the surgical navigation camera from any position
    • Uninterrupted power systems that allow you to unplug the surgical navigation system without losing data
pdf StealthStation S7 System (.pdf)

Information and system specifications for the StealthStation S7 Surgical Navigation System.


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StealthStation i7

StealthStation i7 Integrated Surgical Navigation System

Medtronic's StealthStation i7 Integrated Surgical Navigation System

The StealthStation® i7® was designed to optimize space and surgical workflow in the OR.

Versatile Integrated Navigation Solution

The StealthStation i7 Integrated Navigation System helps surgeons:

  • Improve procedural workflow by minimizing equipment and cable congestion around the patient table
  • Easily view navigation information with ceiling mounted, Digital HD, wide-screen monitors
  • Add confidence before closure with intra-operative imaging
  • Incorporate integration with advanced visualization and planning capabilities with the StealthViz™ application with StealthDTI™ module
  • Personalize workflow with tailored Synergy® navigation software applications

Streamlined Workflow for OR Staff

  • The StealthStation i7 integrates easily with booms, audio/visual, intraoperative imaging, microscopes, and other OR components
  • The ceiling-mounted navigation camera can be easily positioned to track navigated instruments
  • Ceiling-mounted navigation reduces set-up and take-down time for the OR staff

Professional Services

  • We support surgical teams from initial room planning to final installation to create the ideal OR solution
  • We consult with you to analyze surgical workflow, patient positioning, OR space management, ergonomics, and clinical specialty needs
  • We collaborate with architects, hospital staff, and other partners to ensure on-time deployment and verification of your final solution
  • We provide comprehensive training, ongoing support, and case coverage to ensure every surgical navigation system runs smoothly
pdf StealthStation i7 Integrated Navigation System (.pdf)

Information and system specifications for the StealthStation i7 Integrated Navigation System.


StealthStation iNav

StealthStation EM