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Colorectal pathway solutions

The diagnosis portfolio

In the diagnosis stage, we put data science to work by helping you identify potentially harmful lesions more quickly and with increased certainty. This enables you to make the right decision for each patient, driven by data.

ManoScan™ AR high resolution manometry

The ManoScan™ AR High Resolution Manometry System uses high resolution manometry to detect abnormalities of sphincter function or rectoanal coordination. 

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PillCam™ COLON 2 system

The PillCam™ COLON 2 system uses advanced technology to support the detection of polyps – which can progress to colon cancer.1


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GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module

The GI Genius™ Intelligent Endoscopy Module empowers you to detect and treat colorectal polyps with deep learning algorithms and real-time data. 

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Drive decisions using the power of data

Ultimately, it’s about helping you reach the right decisions, more quickly and with more certainty, by bringing you the right data, analysed in the right way. And bringing more light to the treatment of colorectal disease.

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  1. Eliakim R, Yassin K, Niv Y, Metzger J, Lachter J, G al E, et al. Prospective multicenter performance evaluation of the second-generation colon capsule compared with colonoscopy. Endoscopy. 2009 Dec;41(12):1026-31