7 Reasons why you should use the Ligasure™ Maryland jaw thoracic device

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LigaSure™ technology has been used in more than 25 million procedures worldwide.1

The LigaSure™ Maryland jaw thoracic device (LF1930T) is the first and only minimally invasive LigaSure™ device on the market specifically indicated for sealing pulmonary veins and arteries/vessels up to, and including, 7 mm.2

"7 Reasons Why" you want to bring the Right Energy to your thoracic cases with the Ligasure™ Maryland jaw thoracic device (LF1930T):

Reliable Hemostasis

For 7 mm pulmonary vasculature, the device also seals and transects adhesions.2-8

Improved Access

30 cm shaft designed specifically for access to the thoracic cavity.4–8


The device has the benefits of being a Maryland dissector9,11, one – step sealer13, atraumatic grasper9,11. cold scissors9,13 and it may reduce instrument exchanges9,10 and procedure time9,14.

Effective Blunt Dissection

For dissecting around the recurrent nerve and lymph nodes without causing damage9,11

Cooler Jaws

Cooler jaw temperature and faster cool down times compared to Harmonic HD1000i™*9,12,§.

Coated Jaws

Proprietary nano‑coating on the jaws to reduce sticking9,15,Φ, eschar buildup15,16 and cleanings9,17,Ω.

Better Visualization

The curved jaw allows for better access, visualization and easy skeletonization of vessels9,10.

New LigaSure™ Maryland Thoracic Device

We're working hard to transform lung health - from identifying patients earlier to optimizing treatment to accelerating recovery. It's why we're committed to offering a comprehensive suite of technologies tailored for thoracic surgery.

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Now, thoracic surgeons can use an advanced energy device made specifically for their procedures.1,2,3,4,5

It can help you:

  • Seal and divide pulmonary veins and arteries up to and including 7mm2
  • Seal and transect adhesions2-8
  • Dissect lymph nodes9,11

Reliable LigaSure™ technology comes to Lung Health. That's good news for surgeons - and your patients.

LigaSure™ Maryland Thoracic - 7 Reasons Why Brochure


The LigaSure™ Maryland thoracic device provides:

  • A one-step vessel sealer13
  • A Maryland dissector for enhanced blunt dissection9,11
  • An attraumatic grasper to securely grasp tissue9,11
  • Cold scissors to leave the critical decision to cut in the surgeon's hands9,13

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  • Ω Cleaning effectiveness assessed after each of two cleaning cycles.

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