New LigaSure™ Maryland Thoracic Device

We're working hard to transform lung health - from identifying patients earlier to optimizing treatment to accelerating recovery. It's why we're committed to offering a comprehensive suite of technologies tailored for thoracic surgery.


Now, thoracic surgeons can use an advanced energy device made specifically for their procedures.1,2,3,4,5

It can help you:

  • Seal and divide pulmonary veins and arteries up to and including 7mm6
  • Seal and transect adhesions6
  • Dissect lymph nodes6

Reliable LigaSure™ technology comes to Lung Health. That's good news for surgeons - and your patients.

LigaSure™ Maryland Thoracic Value Analysis Brief


The LigaSure™ Maryland thoracic device provides:

  • A one-step vessel sealer6
  • A Maryland dissector for enhanced blunt dissection7,8,†
  • An attraumatic grasper to securely grasp tissue7,8,‡
  • Cold scissors to leave the critical decision to cut in the surgeon's hands6,7

  • †23 of 32 surveyed after use agreed when compared to surgeon’s primary device.

  • ‡33 of 33 surgeons surveyed after use agreed when compared to surgeon’s primary device.

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