PillCam™ Software v9

The PillCam™ Platform sets new standards in image analysis. A combination of the latest capsule technology and software algorithms provide physicians and medical staff with a perfect balance of diagnostic accuracy and reading efficiency.

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Efficient reading

Top 100 Mode

  • Faster read time: Smarter software algorithms help you achieve a faster read time, compared to previous versions1
  • Top 100*: See the most clinically relevant study images to help you identify pathologies
  • QuickView*: Clinically validated algorithm provides rapid study preview in a few minutes (review of full video is still required)

Diagnostic confidence

Improved atlas

  • Improved image atlas: New crisp and clear images to aid in more confident diagnosis
  • Integrated virtual chromoendoscopy to enhance visualization of suspicious patterns (FICE)
  • New and improved GI map: Provides a more immediate representation of the progress of the capsule through the small bowel and colon. This feature is available with both the PillCam™ sensor array and belt**

Therapy support

  • Real time viewing provided by the Pillcam™ recorder 3
  • Software-based polyp and ulcer size estimation tool (with PillCam™ COLON 2 capsule and PillCam™ Crohn’s capsule respectively)***
  • Ability to compare images, videos and treatment over time (available in combination with PillCam™ Crohn’s capsule)
  • Dedicated tools for assessment of Crohn’s disease activity
  • GI Map to effectively identify and show Crohn’s disease activity along the GI tract

Procedural Guides

Additional Software Versions

Small capsule. Big impact.

For 20 years, PillCam™ capsule endoscopy has been creating new futures for patients looking for answers. Learn about PillCam's global impact, and its continuous innovation. 

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  • * The feature is not intended to detect pathology in lieu of a physician and should not be used as a substitute for reviewing the entire studio.

  • ** Localization of the capsule is only an estimate. Use of reader defined landmarks may improve this tool. Discretion should be used when relying on the capsule progress indicator and localization tools to make diagnostic and treatment decision.

  • *** Ulcer Size Estimation is a tool for research purposes only and the values displayed should not be used in making diagnostic or treatment decisions. Polyp Size Estimation measurement is only an estimate. Use discretion when making diagnostic or treatment decisions.