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How the NHS could best manage waiting times for colonoscopy?

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What value do you think innovations such as PillCamTM COLON 2 bring to the NHS?

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How accurate is PillCamTM COLON 2?

Two decades of transformation

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For 20 years, PillCam™ capsule endoscopy has been creating new futures for patients looking for answers.

Patient comfort. Patient Safety.

A Complete Suite of Capsule Endoscopy Solutions within a Single Platform

The PillCam™ capsule endoscopy platform uses innovative visualization technology to produce clear images of the small bowel and colon. This minimally invasive platform allows physicians to detect GI abnormalities, monitor disease activity, and assess treatment efficacy.1

Medtronic collaborating with the NHS to create Project WOW 

Discover how Covid-19 resulted in the creation of Project WOW, to assist the NHS deal with large number of endoscopy backlog. 

Clinical Evidence

Timing of video capsule endoscopy relative to overt obscure GI bleeding: implications from a retrospective study

Authors: Singh, A. et al.
Published in: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (2013).

Conclusion: Early deployment of VCE within 3 days of admission results in a higher diagnostic yield and therapeutic intervention rate and an associated reduction of length of stay.

Clinical Education

We provide two courses on Capsule Endoscopy:

  • PillCamTM COLON 2 Capsule Course
  • PillCamTM SB 3 Capsule Course

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How PillCam™ Capsule Endoscopy Can Help During COVID-19

We know that determining whether or not to perform an urgent procedure is a complex decision under today’s circumstances. Learn how PillCam™ capsule endoscopy can help.

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1. User Manual (DOC-2044-02 March 2013), page 3, 123.