Discover the Vital Sync™ Remote Monitoring Tutorial

This interactive tool shows you how our Vital Sync™ Remote Monitoring software works, its functionalities and how to navigate through it.

  • This remote monitoring software tutorial is interactive, which means it reveals explanations of the user interface when clicking on the green highlighted areas;
  • When all green highlighted areas are clicked, the tutorial continues to the next screen. By clicking either the back- or forward button, screens can be changed.

Enjoy this interactive Vital Sync™ Remote Monitoring Tutorial.



Caring for your patients. If you could make it easier, you would. That’s why you got into medicine in the first place. But healthcare has become so complicated, it’s hard to devote yourself to that calling as much as you’d like.

Working side by side with clinicians like you, we created a customizable remote monitoring and clinical decision support (CDS) system that makes your patients’ monitoring data more meaningful. We integrate the multitudes of data from your individual devices to a single platform. And transform it into smart, actionable information. Delivered to you wherever you are, on virtually any device. 

The Vital Sync™ Monitoring & Clinical Decision Support Solution provides the tools you need to support real-time protocol driven clinical decisions, create workflow efficiencies, and control costs. So you can focus on what’s most important. Caring for your patients.


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