Many patient safety concerns are preventable with the right support. ECRI’s list includes1:

  • Information management in EHRs
  • Unrecognized patient deterioration
  • Implementation and use of clinical decision support
  • Opioid administration and monitoring in acute care

Our solution is designed to help you address these concerns, along with other challenges you face every day.


Simple user interface, easy to implement, and accessible from any device. So you can be with your patients wherever you are, and have actionable information at your fingertips. 


Streamlined integration of device data means your information becomes smart, actionable, and in clinical context. So you have the patient insights to make empowered decisions. 


Different patients, facilities, and clinicians have different needs. The platform is highly flexible and can be scaled to meet your evolving requirements.


Discover the Vital Sync™ Remote Monitoring Tutorial

This interactive tool shows you how our Vital Sync™ Remote Monitoring software works, its functionalities and how to navigate through it.

  • This remote monitoring software tutorial is interactive, which means it reveals explanations of the user interface when clicking on the green highlighted areas;
  • When all green highlighted areas are clicked, the tutorial continues to the next screen. By clicking either the back- or forward button, screens can be changed.

Enjoy this interactive Vital Sync™ Remote Monitoring Tutorial.


CDS apps and tools help you understand your patient’s condition better then raw data alone.2

  • Be by your patient’s bedside, even when you can’t be, with remote and surveillance monitoring
  • Identify patient deterioration sooner with automated early warning scores
  • Know the minute your ventilated patients are ready to wean with real-time readiness monitoring 


Ease workflow and reduce distractions. So you can  focus on providing care.

  • Get the information you need when you need it, via remote access and alarm forwarding
  • Ease workload with EMR connectivity so you can spend less time manually charting.
  • Reduce the risk of alarm fatigue with alarm management tools designed to help you reduce nuisance alarms. 


A system clinicians, IT, and your finance team can all love.

  • Prevent expensive, preventable complications with real-time remote access to patient information
  • Control your subscription volume and deployment based on your needs, on a single floor, multiple areas of care, or across a facility enterprise.
  • Work with your existing IT infrastructure and EMR and ADT systems

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  • 1. ECRI 2017 Top Patient Safety Concerns. https://www.ecri.org/Pages/Top-10-Patient-Safety-Concerns.aspx. Accessed April 27, 2017.

  • 2. Blackwood B, Burns KE, Cardwell CR, O’Halloran P. Protocolized versus non -protocolized weaning for reducing the duration of mechanical ventilation in critically ill adult patients. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2014(11):CD006904.