The Confidence to Know Bleeding Will Stop

After more than 6 years of dedicated scientific research and development, Medtronic launched the Veriset™ patch. It is designed to help you achieve hemostasis quickly and consistently, in ~1 minute1.

Fast and Reliable

The VerisetTM patch is designed to address the unmet need for a simple to use, fast and highly effective hemostatic patch.

Find Out How 
Order Information
Order Code Size Unit of Measure Quantity
HP0204E 2 cm x 4 cm (8 cm2) Box 6
HP0505E 5 cm x 5 cm (25 cm2) Box 6
HP0510E 5 cm x 10 cm (50 cm2) Box 6
HP0816E1 8 cm x 16 cm (128 cm2) Box 1
HP0204CVE 2 cm x 4 cm (cutting template) Box 6
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