ProGrip™ technology - That's genius

Thanks to its ingenious design, ProGrip™ technology is packed with clever benefits for you, your hernia repair patients, and your hospital. 

Now that's genius.

The brains behind the operation

The ProGrip™ technology was developed in partnership with leading hernia surgeon, Dr Philippe Chastan. See how his expertise can support your hernia repair procedures.

Dr. Chastan & ProGrip™ technology
Dr. Chastan & ProGrip™ technology

The ProGrip™ technology benefits

Immediate fixation

The innovative microgrips secure fixation all over the surface reducing the need for traditional suture, tack or fixation.1-3,15

Cost effectiveness

ProGrip™ technology combines the functionality of mesh and fixation into one device cutting surgical time and costs.4,11

Optimized textile

  • Macroporous structure for optimal tissue integration, less shrinkage*,5,6,7 
  • 40% less foreign material after microgrip resorption5,6


Dr. Heitor Santos

Dr. Dieter Birk

Dr. Ken Loi

Our ProGrip™ technology product portfolio

For inguinal, ventral hernia repair and suture line reinforcement

ProGrip™ Laparoscopic Self-Fixating Mesh


ProGrip™ Self-Gripping Polypropylene Mesh


ProGrip™ Self-Gripping Polyester Mesh


ProGrip™ Self-Gripping Polyester Mesh for Prophylactic Suture-Line Reinforcement

Over 4 million sold, and counting

Our innovative self-fixating mesh is improving hernia care around the world, one patient at a time12

"Rapid, efficient, and safe with low pain and a low hernia recurrence rate"8-10

Developed with the expertise of hernia repair specialist Dr Philippe Chastan, ProGrip™ technology is leading the future of fixation

ProGrip™ technology
That's genius.

The clever design of ProGrip™ technology helps patients recover fast from laparoscopic inguinal hernia repairs.12,13
That's genius.

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