A Powerful Collaboration with OEM Strategic Partners

Patient safety and positive outcomes drive our innovation.

That’s why we collaborate with leading patient monitoring and medical device manufacturers to deliver vital parameter technologies - which provide  clinicians the real-time information they need to rapidly assess patient status and proactively determine the most appropriate treatment for each unique patient. 

Discover below each of the OEM Monitoring Partners Medtronic collaborates with. 

OEM Partner
Partner Website
A&D Company, Ltd. www.aandd.jp
ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG www.acutronic.com
Atom Medical Corporation www.atomed.co.jp
Becton Dickinson  www.bd.com
BPL Medical Technologies Pvt, Ltd. www.bplmedicaltechnologies.com
Cheetah Medical www.cheetah-medical.com
Creative Medical Co., Ltd. www.creative-sz.com
Criticare Technologies, Inc. (CTI) www.criticare.com
CU Medical Germany GmbH cu-europe.com
Dictum Health  www.dictumhealth.com
Digicare www.digicarebiomedical.com
Dimar s.r.l www.dimarsrl.com
Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA www.draeger.com
EB Neuro S.p.A www.ebneuro.biz
EDAN Instruments, Inc. www.edan.com.cn
EMTEL www.emtel.com.pl
Exalenz Bioscience Ltd. int.exalenz.com
FANEM fanem.com.br
Finapres Medical Systems B.V. www.finapres.com
Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd. www.fukuda.com
FUKUDA M-E KOGYO CO., Ltd. www.fukuda-me.co.jp
Fysicon B.V. www.fysicon.com
GE Healthcare  www.gehealthcare.com
General Meditech, Inc. www.szmedtech.com
GINEVRI www.ginevri.com
GOLDWAY US, Inc. www.goldwaymed.com
Hi Technologies hitechnologies.com.br
HUNTLEIGH HEALTHCARE www.huntleigh-diagnostics.com
Infinium Medical, Inc. www.infiniummedical.com
Innomed Medical Inc. www.innomed.hu
Instramed Indústria Médica Hospitalar Ltda. www.instramed.com.br
International Biomedical, Ltd. www.int-bio.com
Ivy Biomedical Systems, Inc. www.ivybiomedical.com
LiDCO Group Plc www.lidco.com
Lifemed  www.lifemed.com.br
Medcaptain Medical Technology Co., Ltd www.medcaptain.com
MEDIANA Co., Ltd www.mediana.co.kr
Mennen Medical Ltd. mennenmedical.com
METRAX www.metrax.ru
Midmark www.midmark.com
Mindray Medical International Limited www.mindraynorthamerica.com
Monitor Ltd. Co  www.monitor-ltd.ru
Nihon Kohden Corporation www.nihonkohden.com
OKUMAN Medikal Sistemler A.S. www.okuman.com.tr/en/
Omron Matsusaka www.omron-healthcare.com
Osatu (Bexen Cardio) www.bexencardio.com
Patriot Medical patriotmedical.org
PETAŞ Profesyonel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. www.petas.com.tr
Philips Healthcare www.healthcare.philips.com
Physio-Control www.physio-control.com
Pro Life Medical Supplies Sdn. Bhd www.prolife-medical.com
Qualcomm Life, Inc qualcommlife.com
R&D Mediq www.rdmediq.com.br
RDT - Remote Diagnostic Technologies www.rdtltd.com
Schiller - AG www.schiller.ch
Shenzhen Comen Medical Instruments Co., Ltd en.comen.com
Siemens AG usa.healthcare.siemens.com
Skanray Technologies www.skanray.com
SLE www.sle.co.uk
Spacelabs Healthcare www.spacelabshealthcare.com
TaiDoc Technology Corporation www.taidoc.com
UTAS Co. www.utasco.com
Vmed Technology  www.vmedtechnology.com
Welch Allyn www.welchallyn.com
Xuzhou Yongkang Electronic Science Technology Co.,Ltd www.yonker.cn
ZOE Medical www.zoemedical.com
ZOLL Medical Corporation www.zoll.com