A Powerful Collaboration with OEM Strategic Partners

Patient safety and positive outcomes drive our innovation. That’s why we collaborate with leading patient monitoring and medical device manufacturers to deliver vital parameter technologies — which provide clinicians the real-time information they need to rapidly assess patient status and proactively determine the most appropriate treatment for each unique patient.

For decades, medical device companies have trusted our OEM Monitoring Solutions to provide clinicians these market-leading parameter technologies for monitoring respiratory status (oxygenation and ventilation), as well as end-organ perfusion and function.

Our OEM Monitoring Solutions are available in a wide variety of flexible OEM platforms and are backed by a global team of clinical, engineering, and marketing OEM professionals. With our personalized and collaborative process for successfully integrating Medtronic OEM Monitoring Solutions, you get more than advanced technology — you get a partnership with people you know and trust.

OEM Partners

Access a list of our OEM partners and discover the array of multi-parameter monitors that can be integrated with Medtronic patient monitoring technology.

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