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Nellcor™ reusable SpO₂ sensors with OxiMax™ technology feature a single-patient use adhesive bandage with a reusable cable and are ideal for spot checks or short-term monitoring. Traditionally, one calibration curve or a limited set of curves is programmed within the monitor. With OxiMax™ technology, the calibration curve is in the sensor, giving clinicians the ability to take advantage of new sensor designs without always upgrading the monitor.

Founded on three basic principles:

  • Track the truth
  • Give no false assurance
  • Do no harm

These principles guide the design of our Nellcor™ pulse oximetry with OxiMax™ technology, which provides clinical performance that helps ensure appropriate oxygenation throughout the cardiorespiratory cycle — even in such difficult monitoring conditions as low perfusion and signal interference, including patient motion([FOOTNOTE=Covidien FDA 510(k) K123581.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]),([FOOTNOTE=Covidien FDA 510(k) K012891.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]).

Product Features

Single-patient use adhesive bandage with a reusable cable.

How to Order

For additional information or to place an order, call Customer Service at +44 (0) 19 2320 2504.

Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
DS100A-1 Nellcor™ Reusable SpOSensors,  Box 1
OXI-A/N Nellcor™ Reusable SpOSensors,  Case 24
OXI-P/I Nellcor™ Reusable SpOSensors,  Case 24
D-YS Nellcor™ Reusable Multisite SpOSensors, Multisite >1 kg Box 1
D-YSE Nellcor™ Reusable Multisite SpOSensors, Ear Clip - Use with SpO2 sensor >30 kg Box 1
D-YSPD Nellcor™ Reusable Multisite SpOSensors, Pediatric Clip - Use with SpO2 sensor 3-40 kg Box 1
PDSLV Nellcor™ Reusable Multisite SpOSensors, Replacement Sleeves Box 1
Posey Nellcor™ Single-Patient Use Sensor Wraps. For OXI-P/I, OXI-A/N, D-YS
Case 12
ADH-A/N Nellcor™ Single-Patient Use Adhesive Sensor Wraps. For OXI-A/N, D-YS Box 100
ADH-P/I  Nellcor™ Single-Patient Use Adhesive Sensor Wraps. For OXI-P/I, D-YS Box 100
FOAM A/N Nellcor™ Single-Patient Use Foam Sensor Wraps. For OXI-A/N, D-YS Box 100
FOAM P/I Nellcor™ Single-Patient Use Foam Sensor Wraps. For OXI-P/I, D-YS Box 100
Reusable SpO2Sensors
Adult clip sensor
Adhesive bandage
Reusable cable
Weight ranges:
Adult: >40 kg
Neonatal/Adult with Wraps: <3 kg or >40 kg
Pediatric/Infant with Wraps: 3 – 40 kg
Reusable Multisite SpO2 Sensors
Use with wraps or clip accessories
Weight ranges:
Multisite: >1 kg
Ear clip (use with SpO2 sensor): >30 kg
Pediatric clip (use with SpO2 sensor): 3 – 40 kg

Order Information


Nellcor™ sensors with OxiMax™ technology advantages

Patients come through the doors in a range of conditions. To stay ahead of potential complications, clinicians need accurate, reliable continuous monitoring devices to help them ensure appropriate oxygen delivery throughout the cardiorespiratory cycle. Nellcor™ sensors with OxiMax™ technology meet this need.

From the NICU and ICU to the OR and general care floor, Nellcor™ pulse oximeters with OxiMax™ technology use cardiac-based signal processing and alarm management technologies to deliver accurate, reliable SpO2 and pulse rate readings.1

With our continuous pulse oximetry, clinicians can:

  • Obtain accurate readings, even during low perfusion and most types of signal interference, including patient motion.1
  • Oversee a wide range of patients, from neonates to adults, including those who require long-term monitoring.
  • Improve the clinical relevance of the more challenging alarms and easily distinguish between minor transient events and clinically significant desaturations.2
  • Accurately track SpO2 in low-saturation conditions with the LoSat expanded accuracy feature.([FOOTNOTE=Bebout DE, Mannheimer PD, Wun C-C. Site-dependent differences in the time to detect changes in saturation during low perfusion. Crit Care Med. 2001;29(12):A115.],[ANCHOR=View Abstract],[LINK=content/mitg/websites/languagemasters/emea/en-gb/support/clinical-evidence.html?id=805201])
  • Perform quick spot-checks or continuously monitor patients in any location.
  • Have confidence in the accuracy resulting from the combination of Nellcor™ monitors with OxiMax™ technology and the extensive portfolio of Nellcor™ sensors.2

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