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A history of innovation

Medtronic stapling 

We are dedicated to innovating stapling devices.

From the development of the earliest surgical staplers to the current advanced staple design of Tri-Staple™, Medtronic remains dedicated to the kinds of stapling innovations that our customers have come to depend on.

At Medtronic we leverage over 50 years of experience to bring our customers high quality and consistent solutions for open and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

EEA™ Circular stapler with Tri-Staple™ technology

Confidence comes full circle

Circular stapling now comes with Tri-Staple™ technology. That means more security1,2,3,†,‡ and a potential for greater perfusion at the staple line4,5,†,§

Signia™ Small Diameter Reload

True 8 mm access6,7

With a narrow 6 mm anvil and an 8 mm shaft,6,7 the Signia™ small diameter reload:

  • Improves ability to gain access6,††
  • Aids in dissection around delicate tissue structures6,††
  • Delivers superior hemostasis vs. Ethicon Echelon Flex™* powered vascular stapler8,‡‡

Signia™ Stapling System

The world's first smart stapler

The Signia™ Stapling System works with all existing and future Medtronic Stapling reloads and when coupled with Tri-Staple™ 2.0 reloads it provides real-time feedback to help empower surgical decision making.9

Tri-Staple™ Technology

The core technology behind medtronic stapling

Tri-Staple™ technology is a proprietary medtronic stapling innovation which in recent years has transformed endoscopic stapling and is now set to do the same in open procedures.

Tri-Staple™ reloads have some fundamental differences to legacy technology that brings a host of clinical advantages for you and your patients.10,11,12

Open stapling

Medtronic's portfolio of staplers for use in open surgical procedures

Linear staplers/ Circular staplers/ Linear cutters/ Hemorrhoidal

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Endo stapling

Medtronic's portfolio of stapling reloads and handles for use in endoscopic surgical procedures

Tri-Staple™ technology/ Speciality reloads/ Manual & smart handles

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Procedural kits

Medtronic's procedural kits support healthcare professionals become more efficient in managing daily duties while improving quality of patient care.

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† Preclinical results may not correlate with clinical performance in humans.

‡ Based on the addition of a third row of staples in the EEA™ circular stapler with Tri-Staple™ technology, as compared to predicate two row device designs.

§ Compared to two-row staplers.

†† 15 out of 16 surgeons surveyed after use agreed when compared to larger 12 mm reloads. 

‡‡ Tested using the Endo GIA™ handle with Signia™ small diameter 45 mm white 2.5 mm reload versus Ethicon Echelon Flex™* powered vascular stapler with 35 mm white 2.5 mm reload. Preclinical results may not correlate with clinical performance.

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