The Mon-­a-­therm™ esophageal stethoscope with temperature sensor 400TM offers accurate, continuous measurement of core body temperature.

The esophageal stethoscope comes in four styles:

  • ES: Provides stethoscope only.
  • EST: Includes temperature sensor and cuff located at distal end.
  • EST-­XL (extra-­‐long): Helps ensure optimal temperature sensor placement in the lower third of the esophagus for accurate core temperature measurement. The cuff is located approximately 8.5 cm from the distal end.
  • EST-­GS (gastric suction): Provides a separate suction lumen for gastric decompression and esophageal or gastric suctioning.

This offering is part of our comprehensive line of temperature probes and sensors. With this broad product line, clinicians can easily meet a range of clinical needs from a single source.

Accurate and reliable, these products are suitable for use in multiple clinical settings, including the operating room, emergency department, intensive care areas, postanesthesia care units, and the general care floor.


Available in adult and pediatric sizes, these probes offer accurate, continuous measurement of core body temperature.

  • The esophageal stethoscope is offered with a soft, thin cuff that provides outstanding clarity of heart and lung sounds.
  • The atraumatic tip and Satin Slip™ finish enable easy insertion and greater patient safety.
  • The male luer fitting conveniently attaches to standard acoustical earpieces.
  • Depth markings aid in proper placement.
  • The long lead wire keeps the connector away from the surgical field.
  • The probe quickly and accurately reflects changes in core body temperature.
  • The product offers single-­patient use convenience and infection control.
  • The product is compatible with most multifunction patient monitors.

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