Maintaining normothermia has never been so easy

This sterile, lower body blanket is designed for cardiothoracic surgical procedures. Two perforated slits allow easy access to the groin area, and reduced air distribution at the patient’s feet maximizes temperature regulation in the foot and lower leg.

The longer connector and inlet shield protect the sterile environment. The blanket is packaged in a blister pouch with a sterile wrap, and is folded so it can be opened without contamination when placed on the patient’s abdomen.

The WarmTouch™ cardiac blanket is based on the WarmTouch™ convective warming system, which provides an easy solution for maintaining normothermia. The WarmTouch™ convective warming unit has an intuitive screen showing the temperature and status of each of the five temperature settings. The soft but strong WarmTouch™ blanket range is tailored for most surgical procedures, offering even airflow and patient comfort.


The soft but strong WarmTouch™ quilted blankets meet a wide range of needs to offer the optimal solution for easy and effective patient warming. Made of a strong two-ply material, they resist fluids, yet are soft and flexible to allow custom draping and comfort for patients.

  • The WarmTouch™ cardiac blanket features a unique design to minimize air distribution at the patient’s feet.
  • The blanket is soft and flexible to permit custom draping for almost any procedure.
  • The quilted fabric folds back easily for patient access without restricting airflow.
  • The soft outer fabric feels comfortable against the skin and does not allow hot plastic surfaces to contact the patient’s skin.
  • Quilted construction prevents billowing, promotes uniform airflow and helps the blanket conform to the patient’s body.
  • The ample size of the blanket assures maximum skin surface coverage.
  • Quick-connect reduces the risk of tearing the blanket when the hose nozzle is inserted
  • The blanket is latex-free.
Description Size
WarmTouch™ Cardiac Blanket, Uninflated 40 in. x 65 in. (102 cm x 165 cm)
WarmTouch™ Cardiac Blanket, Inflated 34 in. x 53 in. (86 cm x 135 cm)

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