Maintaining normothermia has never been so easy

The WarmTouch™ lower body blanket includes medical-grade tape to help secure the blanket, expand draping options and restrict airflow into the surgical site.

The blanket is based on the WarmTouch™ convective warming system, which provides an easy solution for maintaining normothermia. The WarmTouch™ convective warming unit has an intuitive screen showing the temperature and status of each of the five temperature settings. The soft but strong WarmTouch™ blanket is tailored for most surgical procedures, offering even airflow and patient comfort.


The soft but strong WarmTouch™ quilted blankets meet a wide range of needs to offer the optimal solution for easy and effective patient warming. Made of a strong two-­ply material, they resist fluids, yet are soft and flexible to allow custom draping and comfort for patients.

  • The WarmTouch™ lower body blanket provides precise, localized warming with adjustable tape positioning.
  • The blanket is both soft and flexible to permit custom draping for almost any procedure.
  • The quilted fabric folds back easily for patient access without restricting airflow.
  • The soft outer fabric feels comfortable against the skin and does not allow hot plastic surfaces to contact the patient’s skin.
  • Quilted construction prevents billowing, promotes uniform airflow and helps the blanket conform to the patient's body.
  • The ample size of the blanket ensures maximum skin surface coverage.
  • Quick-­connect reduces the risk of tearing the blanket when the hose nozzle is inserted.
  • The blanket is latex-free.
Description Size
WarmTouch™ Lower Body Blanket, Uninflated 41 in. x 56 in. (104 cm x 142 cm)
WarmTouch™ Lower Body Blanket, Inflated 34 in. x 52 in. (86 cm x 132 cm)

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