Performance You Can See

The Clearify™ visualization system is an all-in-one system that enables optimal visualization throughout your procedure for a smoother laparoscopic and robotic surgery case flow. With the Clearify™ system, surgical performance and patient safety are brought to the forefront.

The Clearify™ system is multifunctional, intuitively designed, and is used right at the surgical site to:

  • Defog, clean, protect and white-balance your scope
  • Clean your trocar

With the Clearify™ system, you will avoid:

  • Scope and lens damage
  • Procedural delays
  • Materials left inside incision
  • Fire, burn, and hot water hazards
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Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
21-345 Clearify™ Visualization System Box 1

The Clearify™ system's elegant, all-in-one design effectively warms, defogs, cleans, and protects your scope for continuous clarity, from start to close. It even ensures true white balance. And the included Trocar Wipe® keeps your clean lens from being contaminated by trocar debris.

  • Clearify™ system's hub contains its anti-fogging solution reservoir, white balancer, cleaning pad, and a reducer compatible with all laparoscopes (5 mm to 12 mm)
  • Two 6” x 8” x-ray detectable micropads are included
  • The included X-ray detectable Trocar Wipe® has two tips: one for 5 mm trocars, and one for 8-12 mm trocars

Order Information