Operating room essentials: simplified for consistency

Designed and developed to accommodate all laparoscopic devices in the operating room, our extensive and universal portfolio of access devices offer standardisation and choice for surgeons, staff, operating room managers and hospital decision makers. 

We have listened to our customers to develop meaningful solutions that improve performance, enhance patient outcomes and produce a healthier bottom line for the hospital.

Introducing the complete solution you can trust.

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Operating Room Essentials: The complete solution you can trust

Medtronic’s operating room essentials help you provide the very best patient care from the first mark to the last stitch

VersaOne™ Access System

An easy-to-use, universal trocar platform that includes optical, bladeless, bladed and blunt trocars. Giving you the performance, choice, peace of mind and consistency that you asked for, all in one simple solution

VersaStep™ Access System

Helping you reduce significant complications in laparoscopic surgery1–3

Hasson/blunt tip trocars

Providing stable fixation and sealing throughout your procedure without latex4

Optical trocars

Outstanding visualisation. Our Universal Clear Cannula provides clear visibility to all tissue layers 

Bladeless trocars

Unique dolphin-nose tip facilitates smooth insertion for an easy trocar placement

Bladed trocars

A uniquely designed blade, sharpened on both sides, to divide tissue cleanly and precisely 

Single Incision Access

Advanced multiple-access port SILS™ Port, enabling laparoscopic surgery through a single incision

SurgiSleeve™ wound protectors

Maximum exposure of surgical field with added protection and strength5


We pride ourselves on being a brand you can trust. With our proven track record of quality products and services, you can feel reassured that Medtronic’s OR Essentials will help you to continue providing the very best patient care from the first mark to the last stitch.

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