EleVision™ Visualization Portfolio 

Elevate your vision

Visualization of the surgical field matters. Without it, you may not see clearly enough to work with the surgical precision needed when performing minimally invasive surgery.

The EleVisionTM visualization portfolio:

EleVision™ 4K+

More detail. Exceptional clarity. Better visual guidance.1,*,†,‡,§,||,¶,#

EleVision™ IR

Two image sensors merge white-light and IR fluorescence images in real time.

EleVision™ HD2

Use CMOS sensor technology, which provide best-in-class resolution.2,**

Focus on legacy with the EleVision™ 4K+

The 4K+ system provides crisp, vibrant colour resolution that allows you to see clearly inside the human body.1,*,††

  • Precision enhancing optical zoom feature|||||| 
  • Digital smoke reduction

Simple to use, elegant design3,‡‡

Focus on image with the TipVision™ videoscope

Dual chip-on-tip technology enables the TipVision™ videoscope to generate light at the surgical site and capture information directly at the source that is:##

  • Focus free***
  • Fog free4,*,†††

Focus in real-time with the EleVision™ IR platform

The EleVision™ IR platform brings HD visualization together with fluorescence imaging allowing real-time informed decisions during surgery.5

  • Real-time fusion of visible and fluorescence imaging
  • Provides the highest ICG sensitivity6,§§,§§§

Real-time IR fluorescence imaging

Focus on perspective with the EleVision™ HD2

A comprehensive solution for high-definition visualization of patient anatomy.

  • Vessel View, Deep Tissue View and Fine Structure Enhancement image options offer additional perspectives7,8,*,||||
  • CMOS sensor technology provides best-in-class resolution2,**

Move forward with insight

See it as it is with the EleVision™ HD1 platform

One complete solution that is designed for high-quality image.¶¶

  • Full Native HD digital images
  • LED Light Source has a 20,000 hour lifespan9

Focus on the importance of training

Advances in visualization are shaping healthcare, leading to less invasive surgery and better outcomes for patients. However, a lack of trained specialists is restricting global adoption of this life-changing technology.

Free training for the whole team

Responsive phone and online support

Real-time assistance to surgical teams


* Based on preclinical or animal studies. Results may not correlate to performance in humans.

† Image Resolution was Measured with USAF 1951 card. The resolution of EleVision™ 4K was measured to be higher than Stryker™* 1688 at a nominal operating distance of 40 mm; as well as a far-field distance of 70 mm .

‡ 17 surgeons rated the image color and clarity of Elevision™ 4K against Stryker 1688™* and Olympus Visera™* 4K.

§ 10 out of 17 surgeons scored Elevision 4K™* higher than Stryker1688™* and Visera™* 4K on natural appearance of color.

|| 11 out of 17 surgeons scored Elevision™ 4K higher than Stryker1688™* and Visera™* 4K on color of blood,distinguishing between different structures, overall clarity and consistency of image accross the screen.

¶ 12 out of 17 surgeons scored Elevision™ 4K higher than Stryker1688™* and Visera™* 4K on color separation and 14 out of 17 surgeons scored Elevision™ 4K higher than Stryker1688 ™* and Visera ™* 4K on sharpness.

# 6 of 6 surgeons agreed that more edge enhancement (laparoscopy 1) provided more visual information of anatomoical structures.

** Compared to CCD sensors.

†† Preclinical evaluation. 17 surgeons rated the performance of image color and sharpness rated at 80% and 91%, respectively.

‡‡ 32 out of 32 surgeons and nurses easily completed all pre-, intra-, and post-operative usability tasks prior to any training. Data based on usability of EleVision™ HD 2 platform. Industrial design & user experience of the EleVision™ 4K system are equivalent to the EleVision™ HD 2 platform.

§§ Compared to Novadaq Spy™*, Hamamatsu PDE™*, Fluoptics Fluobeam™* 800, Quest Medical Spectrum™*, Curadel Lab-Flare™*, PerkinElmer Solaris™*, and SurgVision Explorer Air™*.  August 2016.

|||| Compared to white light image. 13 out of 19 surgeons surveyed agreed. Imaging mode evaluation performed with the EleVision™ HD 2 platform.

¶¶ Compared to SD image quality.

## Dual chip-on-tip technology consists of a distally located CMOS sensor and integrated LED lights.

*** TipVision™ has fixed depth-of-field of 20mm-200mm with most optimal image between 30mm and 60mm.

††† Compared to a traditional rod-lens laparoscope when used in a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and a laparscopic TAPP hernia repair.

§§§ Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

|||||| Full-screen image achieved through optical zoom instead of digital zoom.


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