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Your hands are sophisticated tools; they deserve sophisticated sutures

We understand that ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to sutures. 

When choosing the perfect suture, as surgeons you need to consider possible complications, tissue type, expected holding power of the tissue and the need for long term approximation. 

As pioneers in suture development, Medtronic appreciate these considerations, and provide innovative tools to address individual patient needs.

The trusted solution

Our well-established range of non absorbable sutures have been used worldwide by surgeons for almost three decades. We have a wide range of suture solutions to provide the knot security15 and handling16 you and your patients need. 

Non-absorbable sutures that you have trusted for years

Our innovative non-absorbable sutures are designed with both patient and surgeon in mind. They suit a diverse range of closures, including ophthalmic, cardiovascular and neural tissue, plus many more.1-9

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