Medtronic wound closure: meeting your demands for quality and cost 

As a long-standing market leader and pioneer of many of the world’s first wound closure solutions, Medtronic are committed to developing wound care solutions for all surgical interventions.


Our Position on Triclosan Impregnated Products

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Trusted to deliver innovative, high-quality wound care solutions

Wound closure solutions for a range of surgical procedures

Absorbable sutures

Providing strength retention and absorption to match both clinical and patient needs

Non-absorbable sutures

Versatile sutures for a range of cardiovascular, ophthalmic and neurological surgical applications

Barbed wound closure

The revolutionary V-Loc wound closure device eliminates the need for knots, allowing for faster closure and improved outcomes1 

Wound closure accessories

Access a range of accessories including bone wax, bolsters, suture racks, cardiovascular pledgets and umbilical tape


The Complete Solution You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on being a brand you can trust. With our proven track record of quality products and services, you can feel reassured that Medtronic’s OR Essentials will help you to continue providing the very best patient care from the first mark to the last stitch.

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  • 1. Brown S. Utilization of a Porcine Model toDemonstrate the Efficacy of an Absorbable Barbed Suture for Dermal Closure. 2009 UTSW. Data on file.