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Through the eye of the needle

Our range of needles offers unparalleled wound closure assistance in conjunction with our extensive suture range.

We offer a wide portfolio of needles made from high-quality stainless steel to suit every woundand tissue type. With a choice of over 180 needle types catering for cardiac, ophthalmological, cosmetic, urological and many other applications, we provide solutions for surgeons across the board.

All of our surgical needles are atraumatic. Special laser technology allows the suture to be connected on even the smallest of needles and provides a secure and smooth junction between the needle and suture.

Suture Needles

Needles are necessary for the placement of sutures in the wound and careful consideration is important to achieve the best wound closure outcomes.

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Innovative technology

All our needles feature NuCoat™ technology – a proprietary coating that enhances initial and multi-pass penetration and reduces needle dulling, resulting in: 

  • Smoother passage through tissue 
  • Less tissue drag 
  • Less tissue damage
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