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We're working hard to support healthcare professionals, patients, our employees and global communities.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Medtronic continues to coordinate with our customers, employees and relevant public health authorities to better understand any emerging issues and ensure that appropriate guidelines and best practices are being followed. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our customers and the patients who rely on our products and the resilience of our shared communities.


Respiratory and Patient Monitoring Solutions

Today, as the spread of COVID-19 pandemic disrupts life around the world, our mechanical ventilators, respiratory filters, oxygenation machines and pulse oximeters are being used by healthcare professionals on the front lines of this fight. 

To provide these ICU healthcare professionals what they need to treat patients, to control the infection and to reduce contamination, we have consolidated all relevant product information.


Advanced Energy and Surgical Technologies

The information related to Coranavirus (COVID-19) changes daily as more data is being collected, analyzed and reported. Regions highly impacted by this virus are sharing surgical recommendations, which include managing exposure to droplets, bodily fluids, surgical smoke and aerosols.([FOOTNOTE=Zheng M, Boni L, Fingerhut A. Minimally invasive surgery and the novel coronavirus outbreak: lessons learned in China and Italy, Annals of Surgery. 2020],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

We have gathered questions and facts related to OR applications and Coranavirus, in order to support healthcare professionals in their OR settings.


Gastrointestinal Health

During this time when GI societies have recommended delaying elective procedures([FOOTNOTE=ESGE and ESGENA Position Statement on gastrointestinal endoscopy and the COVID-19 pandemic ( ],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]), we would like to share how the PillCam™ capsule endoscopy (CE) platform can help alleviate the burden on hospitals while supporting efficient patient management.

We know that determining whether to perform an urgent procedure is a complex decision under today’s circumstances. PillCam™ capsule endoscopy can help your decision-making process and offer several benefits. 

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