At Medtronic, we understand that you are facing challenges on multiple levels, managing the impact of COVID-19 in your facility.

Clinical and society guidelines are rapidly evolving as new evidence becomes available to ensure patient and staff safety. Amongst these, air and smoke management has been raised as a potential concern.

We would like to raise the awareness of our operating room air management solutions in the context of this pandemic.

We are here to support you and your patient during this period and together alleviate pain, restore health and extend life.

Listen from the experts

Watch the Webinar recording about Risks and Potential Transmissions of SARS-CoV-2 via Surgical Smoke. Recommended Practices & OR Management.

Smoke Evacuation Systems

Medtronic recognizes that this is a sensitive time for customers around the world. In response to society recommendations, hospitals have asked for information about what products may be used to reduce hazards in the operating room during this critical period.

For more information on our smoke evacuation solutions, please click below to access a list of Frequently Asked Questions, facts about COVID-19 and smoke evacuation, as well as supporting training material.

19 Rules to have a safe & effective operation

We support you as you support your patients

The health and safety of our customers and their patients remains our highest priority as we address this unprecedented outbreak.  

Read our 19 practical measures to have a safe and effective operation during COVID-19.

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