This continuing education program is accredited and can be taken for either CE accreditation or general learning.  If taken for credit, this course provides one contact hour for nurses (California Board of Nursing), RT's (American Association of Respiratory Care), EMS professionals (CAPCE), and CRNA's (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, B Credit).

Learning Objectives

Liberation from mechanical ventilation is the process of allowing the patient to effectively take over the work of breathing, or ventilation, without assistance from the ventilator. In this course, we will show different ways to help the ventilated patient prepare for liberation from mechanical ventilation. In this course, we will:

  • List the advantages to early preparation for liberation from mechanical ventilation.
  • Describe the factors in determining patient readiness for liberation within the context of the ABCDEF bundle.
  • List considerations in sedation and analgesia management that affect liberation.
  • Describe the impact of implementation of the ABCDEF bundle in preparation of a patient for liberation.