See What Our Customers Have to Say About Outcomes We Helped Them Achieve

"Medtronic’s Provider Solutions team has been instrumental in our goals of creating a comprehensive service-line. We now offer bariatric and metabolic surgery and medical weight loss solutions to our patients. We are very happy that our services are now collaborative and streamlined so that the patient can easily get to where they need to be. In addition, Medtronic helped us achieve our accreditation through a solid readiness plan. We would have never been able to do this ourselves and in just under 10 months. Our conversion to surgery was abysmal at 17% when they started working with us. We are now at 51%. Medtronic provided the changes that we needed, and frankly ignored for too long."

Academic Medical Center

"We were able to increase our surgery volume by 81% over a 12-month period while maintaining our quality outcomes and keeping costs under control. Our patient and staff satisfaction has never been better. Medtronic’s assistance with data tracking and market assessment helped us summarize and present critical information to our senior leaders — information that helped secure their support as we grew. Medtronic’s demographic assessment information helped us target our precious marketing dollars in ways to ensure impact in the community."

Large Community Health System

"They were instrumental in helping us create our bariatric program’s strategic business plan. After conducting a proforma, revamping our seminar-to-surgery process flow, and developing a marketing plan for our regional market, we have improved our case volumes 55%."

Community Health System

"Our administrative team was really struggling with how to start a bariatric program — we barely did any cases the first two years. Medtronic got us up and running with patients within 4 months. We did over 80 cases in our first year. We now have a great program and understand how to market to patients."

Critical Access Hospital

"We felt that we did not have a strong sense of how our bariatric program was doing in relationship to coding and payor contracts. Medtronic’s program conducted an audit of our cases, reviewed our payor contracts, and put together a strategic plan to help us improve our revenue capture."

Large IDN Health System