Touch Surgery™
Live Stream

Connect with the operating room from anywhere.

In a world where technology connects us in everyday life, it’s time to extend that connectivity to the world of surgery.

Harness the power of connection

Our streaming technology brings the best surgical practices directly to your team, no matter where they are. It’s the closest thing to being there, creating an immersive learning environment that transcends physical boundaries.

Revolutionize surgical education

Elevate the quality of your surgical learning programs with our state-of-the-art streaming. Engage trainees with realtime, interactive experiences that mirror the complexities of live surgery, paving the way for surgeons of the future.

Streamline clinician onboarding

Welcome new talent and technologies to your surgical team with ease. Our intuitive streaming platform enables the onboarding process, in a live, collaborative setting.

Touch Surgery™ Performance Insights

Using the power of AI to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Get actionable insights instantly

Video available minutes after uploading, with Performance Insights available within 2-4 hours of upload.

Informed decisions with analytics

No need for sifting through hours of footage — our platform's automatic video segmentation identifies critical phases for targeted coaching.

Cut through complexity

Fine tune your performance with our automatic analysis that discerns key surgical stages, timings and tools, providing key insights for surgical practice.

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Disclaimer: The Medtronic Touch Surgery™ Ecosystem is not intended to direct surgery, or aid diagnosis or treatment of a disease or condition.