Your Newport™ HT70 series ventilators are a valuable investment. Our Service Seminars team has the expertise to ensure your team is prepared to care for them.

The Newport™ HT70 ventilator three-day service seminar gives biomedical service technicians and clinical engineers training on periodic and preventive maintenance procedures for the Newport™ HT70 ventilator.

To ensure the utmost quality and safety of your ventilators, Medtronic is the only authorized training provider for Newport™ HT70 series ventilators. No other program is recognized by Medtronic as a valid form of training for Newport™ ventilators. We only provide full technical support to biomedical engineers who have an official Newport™ HT70 series ventilator training certificate issued from Medtronic Service Seminars.

Service Seminar Curriculum 

Our Newport™ HT70 ventilator three-day service seminar focuses on:
  • Proper ventilator setup and functions: How to correctly operate the ventilator in normal operation
  • Theory of operations: How to properly identify, handle, and test ventilator pneumatic and electronic subsystems and components
  • Periodic and preventive maintenance: How to properly maintain the ventilator for optimum performance including calibrations
  • Performance verification testing: How to test the ventilator performance according to manufacturer’s recommendations