Step 2:

Right-click the downloaded zip file and select “Extract Here” to choose a location for the extracted folder.

Step 3:

Copy the extracted folder.

Step 4:

Log in to planning laptop with Administrator credentials (if not already logged in).

Step 5:

Paste the copied folder onto the desktop of planning laptop.

Step 6:

Double click on the folder.

Step 7:

Now right-click on the “Translation-Utility.exe” and select “Create Shortcut”. A shortcut is created.

Step 8:

Right-click on the “Translation-Utility.exe - Shortcut” and then select “Cut”. Then right-click on the desktop and select “Paste.”

Step 9:

Rename the shortcut copied on the desktop from “Translation-Utility.exe - Shortcut” to “Translation-Utility.exe.”

Step 10:

A shortcut is created on the desktop of planning laptop.