Onze werknemers van Information Technology (IT)

Lees de ervaringen van medewerkers van onze IT-afdeling.

Vanwege het internationale karakter van ons bedrijf en onze medewerkers hebben we hun verhalen en ervaringen in het Engels weergegeven.

Vera, IT Business Analyst for Digital Platform


"As I cannot handle blood well, I would never become a nurse nor a physician. However, working for Medtronic means that I indirectly contribute to healthcare after all."

What I like about Medtronic is the diversity of the work. Looking solely at the IT EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) organization of Medtronic, there are so many different applications and solutions which people are working on.

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Ryan, Principal IT Project Lead


"We push the boundaries further than we have ever done before."

Medtronic offers a wealth of opportunity for its employees. I am evidence of that very directly.
I left university in the US with a liberal arts degree in history and languages and after an interesting job journey, I have gotten as far as IT in the Netherlands.

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Karen, Lean Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB)


"Creating a shift in mindset towards customer-centric thinking and living.”

The beauty of IT is that we support the entire Offer to Cash flow, which means, I have the privilege to work with all functions. It is my passion to help teams improve their processes and connect these processes, in order to improve the value we provide to our patients.

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Daniella, Senior IT Supervisor Digital Health


"Witnessing how the hospital staff helped a patient with our products, was a strong confirmation that I work for the right company.”

I am convinced that within my role as part of IT,
I contribute to the well-being of patients by providing tools which make the life of those who provide care to others, easier via digitalization and innovation.

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Raymond, IT Manager Sales,
Marketing & Education


"Not just an ordinary company with common products”

Everybody is very approachable and always open for new and innovative ideas. Because of this culture, I have a lot of flexibility in my role to partner with colleagues around the world and influence the large IT programs in the sales, marketing & education domain.

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Jeroen, Senior Principal IT Project Lead


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