IT Manager Sales,
Marketing & Education

Information Technology

Vanwege het internationale karakter van ons bedrijf en onze medewerkers hebben we hun verhalen en ervaringen in het Engels weergegeven.


In his spare time, Raymond loves to spend time with friends and family, riding his motor bike, running, playing as a theater actor and listening to music. Raymond lives in Beek, is married to Charlotte, and father of two boys: Lasse and Nils. People will describe him as a team player with a getting-things-done mentality.

Raymond joined Medtronic in March 2008 and currently, he is the Senior IT manager for Sales, Marketing & Education for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. He is based in Heerlen.

Raymond about his position at Medtronic

I am responsible for a relatively wide spectrum. For sales & marketing, my team works with our commercial excellence teams and marketing leaders in providing IT solutions for selling our products across the region, in the most efficient way and by expanding our footprint to new countries in the region. In the education area, we work on new innovative ways to train healthcare professionals on our products and therapies.

Raymond’s education and career path

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences, I’ve been working as an
IT consultant for several years. At Medtronic I started as a business analyst in eCommerce. After a few years, I moved to sales & marketing IT and took on the project manager role. Shortly after that, the Integrated Health Services (IHS) division was founded, which made me decide to join this new IHS IT team. Shortly after, I became the manager of this team.
In January 2019, I switched to my current role as a Senior IT Manager Sales,
Marketing & Education.

Most challenging in my current role

Each country and business unit that I support, is special to a certain extent: for example, selling a diabetes insulin pump requires a different approach than that of large capital equipment sales within our Minimally Invasive Therapies Group (MITG). The IT systems which we use for selling, also need to be designed for a specific type of product. In my role of delivering IT solutions for sales, marketing & education, I continuously challenge myself and my business partners in pursuing harmonization rather than focusing on differences. With this approach, we can deliver our IT solutions in a cheaper and faster manner.

What I like most in my current job

The Medtronic IT organization is a very flat organization. Everybody is very approachable and always open for new and innovative ideas. Because of this culture, I have a lot of flexibility in my role to partner with colleagues around the world and influence the large
IT programs in the sales, marketing & education domain.

What I like about working for Medtronic

We are not just an ordinary company with common products. Our therapies, services and products contribute to human welfare. I’m very proud to create solutions which are contributing to this mission.

What ‘Further, Together’ means to me

At Medtronic, we believe that all people around the globe should have access to our therapies and products. In my role, I work closely together with our commercial excellence leaders to expand our markets and reach new patients. On the education side, we continuously train healthcare professionals and decisionmakers on the value and use of our therapies. By delivering innovative solutions in these domains, I can really add to the strategy and mission of Medtronic.

I truly believe in the ‘Further, Together’ concept: on the one hand, in the partnerships within IHS where we support hospitals in managing and optimizing their business. On the other hand, by working closely together across the globe with my partners in the Global IT organization in the US and other regions to leverage best practices and solutions.

My most memorable experiences at Medtronic

My most memorable Medtronic moment was when I had just switched to IHS IT and had the opportunity to join a procedure in a UK hospital, fully dressed in scrubs. I could never have imagined when I started to work at IT, that I would ever be in an operating room as part of my work.