IT Business Analyst for Digital Platform

Information Technology

Vanwege het internationale karakter van ons bedrijf en onze medewerkers hebben we hun verhalen en ervaringen in het Engels weergegeven.

"As I cannot handle blood well, I would never become a nurse nor a physician.
However, working for Medtronic means that I indirectly contribute to healthcare after all."

Having obtained her Information Management Master’s degree from the Tilburg University last December, Vera started her professional career working in the Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) IT - Digital Platform team in March of this year.

Vera about her position at Medtronic

I started in March 2018, so not very long ago. However, I wrote my master thesis at Medtronic, so I already got to know Medtronic as an intern during the
August-December ’17 period.

I’m now working as an IT Business Analyst for Digital Platform, in which I am focusing on the deployments of the application. Digital Platform is a material management application mainly used in cath labs. Digital Platform is an app used by nurses and Material Management Analysts in a cath lab to make processes within the cath lab more efficient. Thus, the Digital Platform app contributes to nurses having more time for their patients.

Vera’s education and career path

While writing my thesis at Medtronic, I started to learn and understand more and more about Medtronic as a company. Not only the Mission appeals to me, but also the healthcare industry has my interest. Being a full member of a team during my internship, learning the team dynamics and working with so many different and interesting people, has been very inspiring! Getting to know Medtronic like this during my internship, made me decide I wanted to work here after finalizing my study. So, after I graduated, I applied for a job at Medtronic.

Most challenging in my current role

Finding the right people and teams to reach out to with specific questions. Medtronic is such a large company, this is sometimes challenging.

What I like most in my current job

The team! We work together very closely and always help each other out when needed.

What I like about working for Medtronic

What I like about Medtronic is the diversity of the work. Looking solely at the IT EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) organization of Medtronic, there are so many different applications and solutions which people are working on. Also, the fact that I am indirectly contributing to healthcare. I would never become a physician nor a nurse (I can’t handle blood so well), but by working in IT for Medtronic, I indirectly contribute to healthcare by delivering applications which help streamline the work of physicians and nurses.

By making the cath lab processes more efficient using the Digital Platform application, nurses can spend more time with their patients. By supporting the IT aspect of this app,
I indirectly contribute to human welfare.

What ‘Further, Together’ means to me

Being part of a team and trying to reach the team objectives together, and working together with other teams (Finance, Clinical Excellence, etc.) to reach certain goals!

My most memorable experiences at Medtronic

My most memorable experience was the launch of the first Digital Platform account which
I worked on; This took place during the weekend in a hospital in Lebanon. During such a
go-live weekend, we rely on the IT systems and we need a stable internet connection for that.

Unfortunately, we were faced with quite a few IT issues, which caused some stress. What I found very interesting, were the project team dynamics: how the people on site dealt with such a situation to ensure this launch was going to be successful, but also the fact that the people in my own team assisted and ‘sacrificed’ their weekend for this project. Everyone was so determined to make this go-live a success. Failure was no option. Luckily, we have been able to launch the platform within the planned timeframe and so we managed to get the account live in time!