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Torqr Series

Diagnostic Catheters

Torqr Series Diagnostic Catheters

The Torqr® Series provides variable curve shapes designed for easy advancement and precise tip placement to match different heart anatomies.


  • Stainless steel braiding provides virtual 1:1 torque response
  • 6F shaft firmness facilitates placement
  • 5F model can use a smaller introducer and is designed for a smaller anatomy

Important Safety Information

Diagnostic catheters should be used by a trained physician in a fully equipped electrophysiology laboratory as risks such as vasculature perforation may occur.


  • 5F and 6F fixed curve, braided stainless steel shaft
  • Josephson, Cournand, Damato type curves
  • Quad (4) electrodes
  • 2/2/2, 2/5/2, 5/5/5 electrode spacing
  • 80 cm and 110 cm lengths