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Evera MRI XT DR and VR

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs)

Evera MRI XT DR and VR ICD

Introducing MRI access. Medtronic’s first MR-conditional ICD.

Medtronic's first MR-conditional ICD.

Contoured. The PhysioCurve™ shape is designed with patient comfort in mind with a 30% reduction* in skin pressure.1

Long-lasting. Up to 25% greater longevity than our Protecta ICD,2† so patients spend more time living, and less time getting device replacements.

Smart. SmartShock™, the most advanced shock reduction suite. Enhanced, so patients receive fewer inappropriate shocks.3

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Introducing MRI Access

Meeting the Need for Safe MRI Scanning and ICD

It is estimated that up to 53 to 64% of ICD patients will have a medical need for an MRI within 10 years.1

Convergence of Needs: MRI and ICD

Elderly patients are the primary users of MRI. Individuals over age 65 are twice as likely to need an MRI compared to younger patients.2

The potential need for an ICD also increases with age.


Comprehensive Patient Care

Evera MRI Specification Graph

Medical and surgical specialties rely on MRI for diagnosis. In fact, MRI is the gold standard diagnostic tool for soft tissue imaging for neurologists, oncologists, and orthopedic surgeons. Your ICD choice today can affect their decisions and diagnostic capabilities tomorrow.

How the Evera MRI ICD System Works

The Evera MRI ICD System with SureScan® technology has met the rigors of clinical evaluation, regulatory review, and FDA approval. 

The Evera MRI ICD Was Built for the MRI Environment

Multiple safety features were designed and incorporated from the ground up:

  • Device verification appears on ICD programmer screen
  • One-screen programming clearly outlines necessary steps to scanning and pacing
  • Device contains robust circuitry
  • Dedicated programming mode provides additional security and backup for "Power On Reset" (POR)
  • SureScan Timeout protects the patient from prolonged exposure to spontaneous tachyarrhythmia and VT/VF induction
  • Hall sensor immune to strong magnetic fields

Two SureScan ICD Lead Options That Are Proven Safe and Effective in the MRI Environment

The two available SureScan lead options for SureScan ICDs include:

  • Sprint Quattro Secure S™ MRI SureScan™ 6935M
  • Sprint Quattro Secure™ MRI SureScan™ 6947M

SureScan Pacing Lead Options That Are Proven Safe and Effective in the MRI Environment

The SureScan pacing lead options for use with dual chamber SureScan ICDS include: 

  • CapSureFix Novus MRI™ SureScan™ 5076
  • CapSureFix MRI™ SureScan™ 5086MRI

Builds Upon Medtronic Innovations

  • Managed Ventricular Pacing (MVP®) promotes intrinsic conduction and reduces unnecessary right ventricular pacing by 99%3
  • Cardiac Compass® graphically displays more than a year of trended data to help monitor and manage AF and AT

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