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Sprint Quattro

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Leads

Sprint Quattro

Proven performance didn’t happen by chance.
From lead design to active product monitoring, intentional choices and proactive steps were taken to ensure the reliability of the Sprint Quattro family of leads.

Now with MRI access
Sprint Quattro Secure models 6947M and the 6935M defibrillator leads are approved for use in the MR environment. A complete SureScan™ defibrillation system is required for use in the MR environment, which includes a Medtronic SureScan device connected to Medtronic SureScan Leads.

  • Connector: DF4
  • Lead Lengths: 55 & 62 cm

Let us show you Why Quattro.

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Proven by Active Monitoring

Proven by Active Monitoring

Sprint Quattro® has 11 years of proven performance and the most extensive in vivo experience in the market.

In Vivo Experience

Product Performance Report

Important Safety Information

Surgical complications, such as cardiac perforation, may occur and care must be taken when placing and positioning a cardiac lead.


 Years of Active In Vivo Data Reported by Manufacturer in Product Performance Report.  Data as of November 2, 2015.


St. Jude Medical Product Performance Report, May 2012.


Boston Scientific Product Performance Report 2012, Q3.


Tim Samsel, VP of CRDM Quality and Regulatory
Tim discusses the active monitoring of the Sprint Quattro via the SLS, the largest clinical study of its kind.

View Video: Medtronic’s System Longevity Study (SLS) Explained (1:01, 4.8 MB)

Sprint Quattro Secure® 6947 lead shows a 95% lead survival rate at 11 years when measured by this active monitoring1:


  1. Years of Active In Vivo Data Reported by Manufacturer Product Performance Report. Data as of November 2, 2015. 

Designed for Reliability

DF4 Connector