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Astra XT MRI

SureScan Pacemaker

Built for long-lasting performance

Astra™ XT MRI SureScan Pacing Systems are built keeping long-lasting performance in mind and come equipped with a new hardware architecture that optimizes circuitry to reduce current drain and improve longevity.1,2

  • Dual Chamber — 15.3 years*
  • Single Chamber — 17.9 years*

*DR: MVP™, SR: VVI 50%, 500 ohm, 2.5V, pre-storage EGM off

Reduce Unnecessary RV Pacing

MVP AAIR graphic

With updated MVP algorithm2

Now with the option to control maximum AV interval

  • MVP algorithm reduces unnecessary RV pacing by 99%.6
  • RV pacing is associated with a 1% increase in risk of AF for each 1% increase in RV pacing.7
  • RV Pacing is also associated with an increased risk of HF hospitalisation.7


Reduce The Progression To Permanent AF


With Reactive ATP algorithm

In the MINERVA trial,3 Reactive ATP algorithm demonstrates

  • 61% relative reduction for the progression to permanent AF
  • 42% relative reduction in AF-related hospitalisations and 68% relative reduction in ER visits4
  • 45% relative reduction for AF cardioversions5


Expanded MRI Access

MVP AAIR graphic

Astra XT MRI SureScan pacing systems are approved for safe use in the MR environment, when MR conditions for use are met.  With Astra XT MRI, patients have access to 1.5T and 3T full body scanning.

  • Our SureScan devices and leads work in any combination.
  • Scanning conditions are simple; no MRI exclusion zone, no patient height restriction, no MRI duration restrictions.  

Visit the Product Search page on to find more information on how to verify, program and safely scan an pacemaker with MRI SureScan Technology. 


Astra MRI SureScan Specifications Sheets

Device Model Number Asset

Astra XT SR MRI SureScan


Download Spec Sheet

Astra XT DR MRI SureScan


Download Spec Sheet


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