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Cardioblate 68000

Surgical Ablation System Generator

Cardioblate 68000 Surgical Ablation System Generator

Real-time feedback, real-time power.


Empowering the Future of Surgical Ablation

Delivering precise, irrigated RF energy based on tissue requirements is key to achieving transmurality and consistent conduction block. The lightweight, portable Cardioblate® 68000 generator is the foundation on which the Medtronic Cardioblate System is built.

The Cardioblate 68000 generator is easy to set up and use, while its advanced dose-response algorithm ensures transmural lesions that consistently result in conduction block.

  • Dose-response algorithm customizes energy delivery based on tissue impedance to achieve reliable, reproducible transmurality
  • Audible tones and touch screen messages notify user of ablation status, transmurality, and other critical information
  • Touch screen operation for adjusting ablation parameters
  • Color LCD screen folds into case for storage and flips open on hinge for different viewing angles
  • Troubleshooting steps available via touch screen messages

The Cardioblate 68000 Generator is designed for use with the following Medtronic Ablation Devices:

Important Safety Information

To avoid the risk of electrical shock and/or burns to the patient, do not touch the patient while touching the outer housing or connections on the Cardioblate generator. Do not allow the patient to come into contact with the grounded metal surfaces during RF energy delivery.