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Cardioblate BP2

Irrigated RF Surgical Ablation System

Cardioblate BP2 Irrigated RF Surgical Ablation System

Flexibility, precision, and consistent conduction block.


Confidence and Flexibility

The Cardioblate® BP2 System utilizes irrigated bipolar RF energy to provide surgeons with a means to ablate tissue easily and simply with confidence that the lesions are transmural. As a result, the Cardioblate BP2 System (BP2 device, monopolar pen, and generator) allows you to perform surgical ablation procedures in a more timely manner.

Positioning Electrodes at the Ablation Site Has Never Been Easier

  • The flexible malleable electrodes can be rotated through 300° and can be conformed to address even the most challenging cardiac anatomy.
  • The malleable 7 cm active electrodes facilitate placement.
  • Irrigated electrodes efficiently transmit RF energy to cardiac tissue, resulting in transmural lesions and consistent conduction block.

Important Safety Information

Possible complications related to the ablation of cardiac tissue in combination with open heart surgery are: tissue perforation, extension of extracorporeal bypass, perioperative heart rhythm disturbances (atrial and/or ventricular), postoperative embolic complications, pericardial effusion or tamponade, injury to the great vessels, valve leaflet damage, conductions disturbances (SA/AV node), acute ischemic myocardial event and thrombus formation.