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Duran AnCore

Annuloplasty System

Duran AnCore Annuloplasty System

The Duran AnCore® Annuloplasty System combines more than 35 years of proven technology with features that make it easy to implant.


The Benefits of Flexibility With the Use of Proven Technology

Designed for mitral and tricuspid valve repair, the Duran AnCore® Annuloplasty System, available in both ring and band, offers:

  • Better early postoperative LV systolic function over patients with a rigid ring1
  • Allows annulus size and configuration to adapt to changes throughout cardiac
  • Better diastolic blood flow across the mitral valve, particularly during exercise5
  • Flexible annuloplasty repair systems place less stress on the sutures during systole, minimizing the likelihood of dehiscence6

Features that facilitate the implant of the Duran AnCore Annuloplasty System:

  • Patented chordal guide feature to facilitate replacement of the mitral valve chordae tendineae
  • Low system profile is slim and easy to implant
  • Easy-release holder and flange with snap-off removal minimizes strain on heart tissue
  • Streamlined handle improves visibility

Important Safety Information

  • Only physicians who have received proper training should use this device.
  • Adverse events can include: thromboembolic events, dehiscence, hemolysis, stenosis, residual incompetence, heart block, endocarditis, systolic anterior motion, left ventricular outflow tract obstruction, anticoagulant-related bleeding or hemorrhage.
  • For additional information please refer to the Instructions for Use provided with the product or contact your local Medtronic representative.



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