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Powered ENT Instruments



Powered ENT Instruments from Medtronic help facilitate better precision, surgical access, and patient outcomes for a variety of ENT surgeries.

About Powered ENT Instruments

Since we patented the first sinus debrider in 1997, Medtronic has developed innovative powered ENT instruments for a variety of procedures. Today, powered ENT surgery is firmly established for successfully managing both simple and complex ENT disorders. Our Powered ENT Instruments help facilitate better precision, access, visibility, and patient outcomes. We offer:

Integrated Power Console

Integrated Power Console, a Medtronic ENT surgery system

IPC® System is our multispecialty power console that works for a variety of ENT surgeries. It features an easy touchscreen menu, remote control irrigation, and runs multiple handpieces.


Straightshot M4 Microdebrider

Straightshot® M4 Microdebrider is our award-winning handpiece that drives many of our blades and burs with 360-degree cutting ability. It’s designed to improve intraoperative functionality, access, and precision for numerous ENT surgeries.


Indigo™ Otologic Drill provides power and performance for a broad range of otologic procedures.


Visao® High-Speed Otologic Drill features high torque and an ergonomic design for visibility and access in otologic surgeries.


Midas Rex® Legend Stylus® High-Speed Drills have a compact size and powerful motor that offers excellent maneuverability during ENT surgery.

Blades and Burs

Medtronic Blades and Burs for ENT Surgeries

We offer an extensive line of innovative blades and burs, giving you the flexibility to treat a wide range of ENT conditions and anatomies – from precise excision in delicate areas to rapid removal of large, bulky lesions.

Endo-Scrub 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths

ENT Endo-Scrub 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths

Our software-driven Endo-Scrub® 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths enable maximum visualization at the surgical site, with a high-power burst of irrigation to flush debris from the lens tip.