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Fusion ENT Navigation System

For Image-Guided Surgery

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Our factory-calibrated surgical navigation devices integrate seamlessly with the Fusion system, delivering plug-and-play convenience and Surgical Synergy™ to your OR. Plus, our reusable instruments, patient tracking, and other accessories provide easy-to-use tools for ENT image-guided surgery.

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Reusable Instruments

Reusable ENT Surgical Navigation Instruments

Standard ENT Instruments for Image-Guided Surgery with Fusion ENT Surgical Navigation

Reusable standard ENT instruments included with the Fusion system

Standard Instrument Set

Each Fusion® ENT Surgical Navigation System includes 6 reusable, standard instruments that mirror non-navigated ENT instruments:

  • Registration Probe
  • Curved Suction, 90°
  • Curved Suction, 70°
  • Straight Suction
  • Straight Probe (defaults to trajectory view)
  • Ostium Seeker
Supplemental Instruments for Image-Guided Surgery with Fusion ENT Surgical Navigation

Optional reusable surgical navigation instruments

Supplemental Instrument Set

The Supplemental Instrument Set enables better visibility and ease of use during many image-guided surgery procedures and techniques. This optional set includes:

  • Frontal Suctions, 45° and 90°
  • Small Straight Suction
  • Suction Curettes, 45° and 90°
  • Elevator
  • Standard Registration Probe and Head Frame Kit (not pictured)

Instrument Innovation

Our ENT surgical navigation instruments feature:

  • Auto-recognition and seamless verification of instruments
  • HeadTracker with integrated TouchPad
  • Multi-instrument tracking with up to 3 instruments at once

Ordering Information

View our ENT Product Catalog or call your local ENT representative to learn more.

Note: These surgical navigation instruments are only available as sets in the US. If you are outside the US, items in sets must be ordered individually.

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