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PEAK PlasmaBlade TnA Dissection Device

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PEAK PlasmaBlade® TnA Device Surgical Videos

Tonsil dissection with the PEAK PlasmaBlade TnA device

PEAK PlasmaBlade TnA: tonsil dissection

These videos demonstrate the PEAK PlasmaBlade TnA Tissue Dissection Device used in tonsillectomy procedures.

Tonsillectomy Video 1 (3:06, 26 MB)

Tonsillectomy Video 2 (5:13, 27 MB)

Nota Bene: The technique description herein and the use of instructions for the related procedures are made available by Medtronic ENT to the healthcare professional to illustrate the suggested treatment for the uncomplicated procedure. In the final analysis, the preferred treatment is that which, in the healthcare professional's judgement, addresses the needs of the individual patient.