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Adjustable Pressure Valve

Strata Adjustable Pressure Valve

Strata® Adjustable Pressure Valve provides innovative technology for the treatment of hydrocephalus.

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What it is

About the Strata Adjustable Pressure Valve

Used for the treatment of hydrocephalus in children and adults, the PS Medical® Strata® Adjustable Pressure Valve diverts excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the cerebral ventricles to another part of the body where it can be absorbed. Its main feature is the ability for the caregiver to change the pressure/flow performance level settings of the valve without the need for a revision surgery.

The PS Medical Strata Adjustable Valve is a combination of the Strata Adjustable Pressure Valve and a proximal (ventricular) and a distal (peritoneal or atrial) catheter. Part of the Strata Valve is the Delta® Chamber – a siphon-control device that is a normally closed mechanism which opens in response to positive ventricular pressure, but stays closed in response to negative distal pressure.

  • Pressure/flow performance level setting can be adjusted or verified simply and non-invasively in the physician’s office with hand-held adjustment tools
  • Designed to maintain the equilibrium of CSF pressure regardless of the patient’s body posture or flow control requirements
  • Available in standard and small models
  • Injectable reservoir dome
  • Proximal and distal occluders for selective flushing
  • Latex free

How It Works