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Heart Failure Management

Indications and Guidelines

Recommendation for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in patients with severe systolic heart failure. Download guidelines (PDF, 182 KB).

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Class I Recommendations

Class I Recommendations

CRT with or without ICD therapy is indicated for the treatment of heart failure in patients with*:

  • NYHA Functional Class III or ambulatory Class IV heart failure symptoms
  • LVEF ≤ 35%
  • QRS duration ≥ 120 ms
  • Sinus rhythm
  • Optimal recommended medical therapy

(Level of Evidence: A)

ICD therapy is indicated in patients*:
Level of Evidence: A

  • With LVEF ≤ 35% due to prior MI who are at least 40 days post-MI and are in NYHA Functional Class II or III
  • With LV dysfunction due to prior MI who are at least 40 days post-MI, have an LVEF ≤ 30%, and are in NYHA Functional Class I
  • Who are survivors of cardiac arrest due to VF or hemodynamically unstable sustained VT after evaluation to define the cause of the event and to exclude any completely reversible causes

* Assuming patients are on chronic, optimal medical therapy and have a reasonable expectation of survival with good functional status for > 1 year.



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Class IIa Recommendations