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Providers and patients see improvements as hospitals partner with Medtronic.
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Imperial College Hospital in London

“Imperial was being asked to do more with less,” says Medtronic’s Jo-Ann Multaney, who manages the hospital’s cath labs. “We wanted to support them and help them transform their department to be more efficient and more productive.”

Today, Medtronic is considered part of the Imperial College Hospital team – managing cath lab equipment and materials on a daily basis and finding new ways to better utilize hospital resources. The IHS team provides a “vendor independent” solution, ensuring the lab is stocked appropriately - regardless of whether that equipment and inventory comes from Medtronic or one of its competitors.

And the company has skin in the game. Medtronic pays for the inventory it manages, so if materials are overstocked and expired, the company takes the hit, not the hospital.

“We as a company need to feel ownership of the outcome,” Ten Hoedt says. “That’s part of the mission of Medtronic.”

We as a company need to feel ownership of the outcome - that's part of the mission of Medtronic.

Rob Ten Hoedt Medtronic