Our patient monitoring solutions provide the only integrated, complete picture of a patient’s oxygenation and ventilation status.([FOOTNOTE=Maddox RR, Oglesby H, Williams CK, Fields M, Danello S., Continuous respiratory monitoring and a “smart” infusion system improve safety of patient-controlled analgesia in the postoperative period. http://www.ahrq.gov/downloads/pub/advances2/vol4/Advances-Maddox_111.pdf View Abstract],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])


No matter how many (or few) clinicians may be on the floor, hospital staff must strive to minimize events that can lead to longer hospital stays or transfers to the ICU. In every circumstance, clinicians must act quickly, safety, effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of a wide variety of patients, including those who are receiving opioids for pain management. To do so, accurate and reliable patient monitoring is essential.

Medtronic provides bedside and handheld capnography monitors along with a complete portfolio of single-use sampling lines.

From neonate to adult, for intubated and non-intubated patients, Microstream™ capnography monitors are responsive and accurate, and provide continuous data for each patient’s oxygenation and ventilation status. To explain how to correctly apply and interpret the capnograhpy waveform results in a meaningful manner, G. Farquharson and G. K. Spratt recently published 'Algorithms for Interpreting Capnography'.


Microstream™-enabled technology is used worldwide to help clinicians monitor patients’ end-tidal CO2 (etCO2) and alert them early to indications of evolving respiratory compromise.

The Capnostream™ 20p patient monitor with Microstream™ includes Smart Alarm Management™ Integrated Algorithms([FOOTNOTE=ECRI Institute. The Hazards of Alarm Overload: Keeping Excessive Physiologic Monitoring Alarms from Impeding Care. ECRI Guidance Article, March 2007. View Abstract],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]), ([FOOTNOTE=Hockman S, Glembot T, Niebel K. Comparison of capnography derived respiratory rate alarm frequency using the SARA algorithm versus an established nonadaptive respiratory rate alarm management algorithm in bariatric surgical patients. Resp Care (Open Forum Abstracts). 2009;12. View Abstract],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) a suite of algorithms proven to reduce alarms and simplify the use of patient monitoring to enhance patient safety and improve clinical efficiency.

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This Capno Quiz portal is a free online resource dedicated to providing physicians the opportunity to test their knowledge level on capnography monitoring in the (pre-) hospital environment. 

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Capnography is the noninvasive continuous measurement of CO2 concentration over time, providing numerical etCO2 data as well as graphic waveforms showing levels of CO2. In-depth understanding of changes in the capnography waveform can assist the clinician in recognizing different clinical situations and reacting prior to patient deterioration. This educational website will provide you with advanced understanding of the capnography waveform and will also give you the option to test this knowledge in different clinical scenarios.